CAST: This introduction is arranged for four actresses but can be readjusted to suit your production needs. It can be performed by a much larger group, but may be no less than 3 people. We encourage you to cast as many people as possible, allowing for more diversity of generations and ethnicities to be represented. 

SCENE SEQUENCE: This an expandable/contractible play. Scenes may be selected and reorganized as needed/preferred. Length and sequence can be customized for the ensemble, venue, and audience.)

MUSIC AND DANCE: World music and world dance of any combination or variety may be inserted and performed in between scenes. Variety and length may be customized and selected as desired, provided that all material is uncopyrighted, licensed and/or original by the director or performers.

Organizer responsibilities

Being a Alchemy of Imperfection organizer can be an extraordinary experience. It’s also a big commitment. Our job is to help you make sure you’re ready to take the Alchemy of Imperfection leap.

If you’re thinking about becoming a Alchemy of Imperfection organizer, below is a list of responsibilities for you to review.

Create a Alchemy of Imperfection experience

Big ideas, rich storytelling and a multidisciplinary program are just a few qualities that make a great ALCHEMY event. You’ll be expected to capture the spirit of ALCHEMY in your event by sparking community connections and inspiring ideas that change perspectives.

Unearth local voices

As a Alchemy of Imperfection organizer, you’ll have the option to feature live talks at your event, bringing attention to undiscovered voices in your community. If you decide to include individual speakers, choose extraordinary people who have been heard and seen by few, but have a fresh approach in their field, a unique story to tell, or a new perspective to share – which they can convey in a dynamic way.

Excite and delight your audience

It’s no news that making your audience happy is essential for a successful event. But the devil is in the details. From the moment your guests receive invitations, to the minute they walk out of the event, they should feel like they’re experiencing something significant. Think of your audience’s needs every step of the way. (That includes your livestream audience, if you have one.)

Lead your team

A group of organized, impassioned people can make one powerful event – they just need the guidance and support to make it happen. We know managing staff can be tough work, but strong, thoughtful leadership can go a long way. Every person on your team (that includes speakers too!) should feel like they’re part of a caring, trusting and accountable community. Be an advocate for them, and their support will follow.

Follow rules and guidelines

We get it: rules can be a pain. But there’s a reason they’re part of the Alchemy of Imperfection program – to make your job easier. The better you know the Alchemy of Imperfection rules and guidelines throughout your Alchemy of Imperfection journey, the less you’ll have to deal with annoying details to correct later on. We promise.

Produce great content

Whether you’re playing a curated program of ALCHEMY Talks or combining live talks and video, you’ll be responsible for creating a program that “wows” your guests and viewers. That takes a lot of creativity and work! So be prepared to be both organizer and producer of your gathering.

Celebrate and protect the Alchemy of Imperfection vision

By licensing you as a Alchemy of Imperfection organizer, we’re vesting in you a little piece of the ALCHEMY vision. That means it’s your job to make sure the vision and mission of Alchemy of Imperfection is protected and boldly celebrated. Use your Alchemy of Imperfection event logo often, understand and spread the idea of Alchemy of Imperfection (including the difference between ALCHEMY and Alchemy of Imperfection!), and invest yourself in the spirit of the Alchemy of Imperfection community. 

Put in the work (and passion)

Organizing a Alchemy of Imperfection event is a big endeavor, so make sure you have the time and dedication to do the hard work needed to create a great event. Unadulterated joy is also a must! Put in the work and bring a ton of passion to the mix, and it will be an experience you’ll never forget.