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Bulgarian/Georgian born yet raised all over the world
•Grew up in countries such as Georgia, Russia, Libya, Bulgaria, UAE and Australia
•Los Angeles based actress with a BFA in Theatre and a MFA in Screen Acting
•Received the “2008 Minter Ellison-Rising Star Award” for best emerging actress in South Australia
•Theatre credits include: Clovin Beckett’s End Game, Anne Page in Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor, Masha in Chekov’s The Seagull, Malory Kingsley in the musical City of Angels
•Has written, produced and starred in short films and a web-series which were official selections at Film Festivals around LA

John Ligda

Fine Artist
Conceptually, my art plays with the subjectivity of seeing. I find it fascinating that even western science cannot establish one definitive, shared way that we perceive the world. My work embraces multiplicities of viewpoints, and while it is experimental in form, I consider it a kind of realism. I rely heavily on social media to connect with other artists and data scientists all over the world. I am always learning from these connections and frequently sell work upon inquiry. I study inferential statistics and history, and I find other people, as well as music, essential in creating new works. 

Doris Carey


•Member of the Screen Actors Guild, now SAG/AFTRA, since 1987
•Principal, supporting actor and co-star on independent film as well as major studio productions
•Has worked with respected and generous actors such as Robert Duvall, Tom Selleck, John Travolta and Judd Nelson, to name a few
•Cherished stage roles were as Ruth in A Raisin in the Sun, Terry in Extremities, MacMillian in Nuts, and the Lady in Red in For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuf
•Authored a play, Daughters of Judah, a Dramatic Musical
•Born in Miami, Florida, she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky

Joan E. Mann

•American SAG actress currently residing in Los Angeles
•Recently moved from New York City where she lived for 5 years, cultivating her dance and acting careers
•Performed in numerous modern dance companies around NYC
•Appeared in commercials for Apple, Procter Gamble, Kellog’s, Verizon and many more
•Recently wrapped her first independent feature leading role in Beyond the Leaves
•Starred in a few short films and TV roles in LA
•Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts from the University of Utah with a Major in Modern Dance Performance
•Currently studying with Anthony Meindl’sActor Studio, Lesly Kahn Comedy Intensive and Improv at IO West
•Born in Chicago, Illinois, she is a Suzuki-trained violinist and a classically-trained modern and ballet dancer

Shai Fali


•An actress known for Killer Punjabi, All for Love, Outsourced, Children’s Hospital
•First major role involved working with Christopher Guest
•First major motion picture role, starred opposite Bollywood star Pooja Batra, as a Second Lead in Killer Punjabi, earning rave reviews
•Currently filming All for Love, as the lead role of Sajel, a comedy series based on the real life relationship of an interracial couple
•All for Love-The Dance Episode was Official Selection at 2015 Gary International Black Film Festival, St. Louis Black Film Festival, Urban Media Makers Film Festival, 2016 San Diego and 2016 Los Angeles Black Film Festivals
•Soon to work as a Presenter for 8T

Sidney Lou


•Singer and Songwriter from Los Angeles California
•Attended Bethany College in Lindsborg Kansas as a Music Performance major
•After leaving school, she dived full force into her budding music career, recording her first single “Quarterback,” in 2016
•Since recording her first record, her soulfully unique and distinct style has placed her around music influencers such as Leila Steinberg and a host of other affluent artist, songwriters and composers drawing her into many collaborative efforts
•Currently building her music catalog and pursuing performance opportunities as they are purposely presented

Inez Abu Malhi


•Born in Culver City, Los Angeles, Inez was raised by a Mexican-American mother and Palestinian father
•Speaks Spanish and loves to cook food from both cultures
•Experience in theater and film, modeling, and voiceover
•Recent projects include voiceover in the short film, Pas de Deux, as a reporter and modeling for the T-shirt company, Story Spark
•Recently contributed to an untitled short film by On the Horizon Films, Inc. as the lead role of Cathy
•Graduated from UCLA in 2014 with a degree in psychology and gerontology; and now works in higher education, reaching her third year in the field this June

Hilary Powers


•A child star who on her very first audition landed the iconic role of Charlie Brown’s sister Sally Brown
•Went on to voice Sally in seven Peanut specials and nearly sixty commercials
•Childhood fame has a price. Growing up as a child star while living in a dysfunctional home, acting turned into self-destruction and her fall was as great as her ascent
•Today her recovery from abuse and the addiction journey has brought her full circle. She has been a mentor to women for decades, an LVN, fine artist, published author, a script supervisor
•Returned to her roots as a successful actress in Hollywood

Blen Abraham


•Made her artistic debut in 2008, in a theatrical adaptation of Pierre Choder los de Laclos’ Les Liaisons Dangereuses and Jean Cocteau’s Antigone, staged by Joseph Moranafrom Ecole du Comedien
•In 2009, joined Paris’ Studio Muller theatre school where she studied under the direction of Jocelyn Muller and Vincent Fernandel
•Played in the clown show Si C’était Vous,staged by Thibaut Garçon, CyrielleBuquet
•Is a licensed therapist, who is passionate about art therapy

Agnieszka Grzybowska


•Classically trained at the PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków, Poland
•Theatre debut in 2000  as Sophie in Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, with noted director Jerzy Jarocki
•Worked in major Polish repertory theatres as well as multiple roles for national and local TV channels
•Lead rolesas Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and Heddain Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler
•Came to France in 2010 for an acting project funded by The Polish Film Institute
•Has performed at Paris’ Théâtre Laboratoire since 2014
•In April this year, played in A Multimedia Thing by Bogusław Schaeffer at Théâtre de la Huchette, known by its famous representation of Ionesco’s plays

Xiayong Lee


•Currently studying for her master’s degree in Theatrical Art at the University of Paris 8
•Studied master classes and workshops in performance and acting in Paris and China, including the Bilingual Acting Workshop lectured by Celia Ann Browne and Sei Shiomi
•Holds a Master of Arts in Cultural Journalism
•Has worked as a film journalist for several media companies in China and France, such as the Cinephile Plate-Form Deep Focus

Michael Benhamou

(Oud, percussion)
Drawn to Arabic music at an early age, especially by the Haouziand Chaabi genres
•At 10 years old, he asked his parents to him an oud, which became his lifelong instrument
•Studied for 15 years with Youcef Haddjaj-master multi-instrumentalist and one of the creators of the foundation of Chaabi, learning the subtleties of Taksimand rhythms
•Founded the Asinora Group in Paris, a World Music band which highlights the treasures of Mediterranean music

Simon Merarin

Arabic flute, guitar

•Michael Benhamou
(Oud, percussion)
Drawn to Arabic music at an early age, especially by the Haouziand Chaabi genres
•At 10 years old, he asked his parents to him an oud, which became his lifelong instrument
•Studied for 15 years with Youcef Haddjaj-master multi-instrumentalist and one of the creators of the foundation of Chaabi, learning the subtleties of Taksimand rhythms
•Founded the Asinora Group in Paris, a World Music band which highlights the treasures of Mediterranean music
Studied flute at The Arpej Jazz (Paris 10th), allowing him to deepen his understanding of harmony
•He mastered the Kaval flute of Bulgaria (oblique flute from the Balkans), the Bansuri flute (Northern flute) which he studied for 4 years with Harsh Wardha, master of Hindustani music, and the Ney flute
•Throughout his travels has collected a wide variety of musical instruments from all over the world
•In 2010, he became a versatile musician in the Asinora Group, playing oblique flutes and guitar
•He is also trained in violin making by master Luthier Liberto Planas.


•Denver native whose passion for the Arts began at an early age
•In addition to acting Naudia also models, dances, and sings
•Graduated an Academic Honor Athlete from Denver South High School in 2014
•After joining the Army in 2015 she began her mission as the Assistant Basketball Coach at The Denver Indian Center, where she implements the values: Duty, Respect, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.
•She is majoring in Communications, with a minor in Business Management. Naudia strongly believes in the American Dream, in which with hard work, dedication, and patience, the impossible

Nicola Ann Tulk

•Australian writer, cellist and theater-maker based in the U.S.
•Currently a Ph.D. student in theater at the University of Colorado Boulder
•Studied literature, music and theater at the University of Melbourne and Victorian College of the Arts
•Holds a master’s in education from the University of Georgia and an MFA in creative writing from The New School, NYC
•Taught practice-based research to undergraduate artists at Parsons, The New School for Design
•Directed a multi-year, Off-Broadway production of Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons
•Published a novel, as well as poetry, fiction, dramatic and literary criticism in Emergency Index, The Saranac Review Tenth Anniversary Edition, Rock River Review, The Sheepshead Review, The Feminist Wire, The Journal of Language and Literacy Education, The West Trade Review and Antipodes
•Currently fiction editor of Antipodes, and co-managing editor of Research PARtake: The Journal of Performance as Research

Jennifer Tawse


•Jenn is a mother, actor and producer of an after school class called Dance it Write It for middle school girls in Boulder
•She loves the theatre and new playwrights.

James Hoskins


•Multi-instrumentalist living in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado
•Primarily known for his use of the cello in a wide variety of genres, has also performed regularly on gadulka (a Bulgarian folk-fiddle), and other Balkan and Turkish folk instruments
•Sings in Greek, Arabic, and Turkish
•Founding member and musician of the Boulder-based Balkan/Middle-Eastern band “Sherefe” for 20 years
•Plays the Greek bouzouki due to a deep and growing love of Rebetika music
•Has been a modern-dance accompanist for 24 years, and loves performing in improvisational settings such as Playback Theater, Music Meditations, and for Poetry readings
•Has contributed to many studio recordings, usually creating original cello parts, and as soloist
•Created layered cello parts for the Mötörhead album “1916” in Hollywood
•Toured in Japan for 10 years, a few times per year, with vocalist/guitarist/arranger Akemi Iwase as a duo in which he played cello, Djembe, and sang in Japanese.

Born in Taiwan, raised in Canada, and now resides in Los Angeles
•Studied acting at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre for 2 years
•Received her MA in Motion Graphics (New York Institute of Technology) and BFA in Computer Animation and BA in Japanese (University of Utah)
•Began studying improv at Second City last year
•Recent credits include HP commercial, co-starring in a China/Hollywood movie Come Across Love and Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger

Lilliane Kupper

Flamenco Dance
•Debuted on stage at the age of twelve in her hometown of Campinas, Brazil and since then drama and dance have become her way of life
•Has been a performer in theater for more than twenty-five years
•Studied Performing Arts at the University of Campinas and in 2000 began studying Flamenco dance
•In Brazil, Liliane has staged several pieces of theater and has been part of many dance shows as a dancer, choreographer, director assistant and scriptwriter
•Has studied other types of artistic expression such as clowning and Butohdance
•Traveled to Spain in 2007, 2010 and 2012, to refine her understanding of the flamenco art form
•Studies the fusion of dance and theater by creating a unique style of interpretation
•Currently she teaches flamenco dance in Westminster, Colorado at StudiOlé