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Theater that lifts women’s voices

About Us

The Alchemy of Imperfection arose out of writer/director Cara Cruickshank’s experiences as a woman living in three cultures. As a lifelong artist, Cruickshank was inspired by the #MeToo movement to crystalize the voices of women she has met from around the world into a performance that allows people of all genders to reach across the divides that separate us and begin to have necessary and meaningful conversations.

The performance and accompanying panel discussion are powerful mediums in community and campus settings to facilitate constructive dialogue on gender equality, diversity, and social justice. At colleges, we collaborate with course instructors and group organizers to highlight urgent topics on campus.

The show poses questions that are vital to women of all ages and backgrounds: What happens when women speak and act truthfully? What are the consequences when they don’t? And what is the cost of aiming for perfection?

Theater that lifts womens’ voices

We bring:

The show has been well received by audiences and actors in Europe and the United States. In each location, we cast culturally diverse actors, dancers and musicians, highlighting the talents of local communities. Our panels feature artists, educators and activists who help guide important and constructive community conversations on sensitive and timely issues.

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