Who We Are

With a cast of international voices, this intimate theater experience illuminates how women share, defy and transcend cultural boundaries. Personal observations are revealed and explored in an evening of poetic lyric-narration, world music and dance.


What happens when women speak and act truthfully? 

What are the consequences when we don’t? 

What is the cost of aiming for perfection?

How it works

We bring performances, and meaningful conversations to audiences hungry to incubate vital ideas and new visions towards social justice. We work with luminary thinkers and creators, community by community, to inform, inspire and transform those ideas into action. 

Join us for a powerful evening of thought-provoking theater performance, followed by a facilitated expert panel discussion on gender related topics with interactive audience Q & A.


 To build community and constructive dialogue about gender equality, diversity and social justice through theater and interactive panel discussions.