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Alchemy Performance

ALCHEMY is our flagship multi-media theatre performance and literary salon on global women and intersectional feminism; customized for your organization, venue and audience, and available for licensing worldwide. is our flagship website for distributing our ALCHEMY Performance and Literary Salon, sharing ideas, and building intersectional community.
Alchemy Conference Panels
At ALCHEMY Events, 4-7 experts in ranging fields appear on the main stage to each give a 5-minute intro to a chosen topic, followed by audience Q & A.  Shorter presentations and other event formats, including roundtable discussion, wine and cheese mixers, Jeffersonian dinners, performance, and comedy are also available.
Alchemy Program
The ALCHEMY program lets individuals, organizations and communities worldwide hold local, independent ALCHEMY events. Our goal in the next 5 years: to host 3,000+ ALCHEMY events in 100 cities worldwide
Alchemy Translators
The ALCHEMY Translator program invites volunteers worldwide to translate live ALCHEMY Events and subtitle ALCHEMY Livestream Events.
Alchemy Book
Long enough to explore a powerful idea, but short enough to read in a single sitting, the ALCHEMY Book allows audience members and fans the opportunity to explore the ALCHEMY content further.
Alchemy LIVE 
ALCHEMY Live brings the ALCHEMY Event experience to your home, community, school or office. Through the ALCHEMY Live web stream, you are invited to watch the minute-by-minute excitement of the entire ALCHEMY Event.
ALCHEMY-Ed offers original curricula to use in the classroom. Educators can use the ALCHEMY-Ed website to choose from a range of topics and curricula and build a customized lesson around it, and/or book classroom workshops, residencies and school assembly events and programming.
Alchemy Partnerships
The ALCHEMY Partnerships team works with the world’s leading corporations and foundations to connect the ALCHEMY content and audience to their missions.
Alchemy Distribution
Our Distribution initiative helps ALCHEMY events find new audiences on radio, in books, on TV and on websites around the world.
Alchemy Talks Education
The ALCHEMY Talks Education one-hour program brings together a diverse group of teachers, experts and education advocates delivering short, high-impact talks on the theme of teaching and learning.
Alchemy Residency
The ALCHEMY Residency program is an intensive incubator for education and breakthrough ideas.