Why book The Alchemy of Imperfection?

We help students and faculty grapple with the complexities of women’s experiences in these times while questioning the norms of masculinity.

A look behind the Scenes

Event Booking Details

The show includes a one-hour theater piece followed by a panel discussion.

We would be thrilled to bring the show to your campus or community.

Option 1: we bring a ready-made performance and panel to your campus or community.

Option 2:  we cast and curate the performance and panel on-site, with students, local artists, and faculty from departments and disciplines serving as performers and panelists.

Pre-event and post-event add-ons are available, such as speaking engagements, customized curricula, and events in partnership with faculty and staff.

In 2019, we brought the show to Laguardia Community College in Queens, New York. In the video below, the actors talk about their experiences.

Laguardia Community College

We partnered with Laguardia Performing Arts Center (Queens, New York) to produce workshops, performances, and panel discussions at Laguardia Community College in the fall of 2019. 

The Alchemy of Imperfection was cast with college students and union actors from Queens, the most ethnically diverse urban area worldwide. The panels included activists, journalists, and educators.