Who We Are?

With a cast of international voices, The Alchemy of Imperfection illuminates female experiences that defy cultural boundaries. Inner dialogues are revealed and explored in an evening of poetic narration, world music, and dance.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Embrace Social Change and Promote New Ideas
  • Deepen Empathy through Growth and Learning about the interconnected nature of social constructs such as race, class, and gender
  • Utilize Art to transform thinking and inspire people to act
  • Question gender roles
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Build Intersectional Community
  • Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication
  • Empower women, feminist men, and LGBTQ to lead

We Are Asking Questions!

  • In an Era When a Leader of the Free World is Bragging
  • about Grabbing Women by the Pussy…
  • We Are Asking Questions!
  • What happens when women speak and act truthfully? 
  • What are the consequences when we don’t?
  • What is the cost of aiming for perfection?